Tasting notes

Angélique de Monbousquet

David Biraud, Best Sommelier of France...


This second wine from Monbousquet has an intense ruby color which is less dense than other vintages. The wine displays clean character and good intensity, with fresh fruit like black currants and black prunes, and a lively menthol-like note—an aromatic range that is both young and ripe. In the mouth the wine is tender and the tannins are supple, forming a fine, tight structure without overdeveloped concentration. A very elegant texture envelopes the mid-palate enhancing the wine’s balance. This still-young wine from a vintage of average concentration will nicely round out a good meal.


The wine has a deep, dense black-violet color. The nose is clean, smoky, multi-layered and concentrated, with a good fresh-fruit presence. There is a delicate sensation in the mouth with a fine, well-incorporated texture showing in the mid-palate; the tannins are still somewhat severe as can be typical of a young wine. A fine, powerful structure with good balance between maturity and freshness, this is a vintage full of surprises which need time to emerge.


Still densely purple and opaque. The wine is aromatically clean and remains reserved but clearly powerful. On the nose, vintage maturity is expressed in concentrated black fruit, cherry and black currant notes, while expert barrel aging has added further enhancement. On the palate the wine is round, silky and mouth-filling, with very good structure. The tannins are still spirited and tight, contributing freshness and character reflecting the vintage’s strength. A note of warmth in the finish imparts a sweet note to emphasize the wine’s generosity, balanced by a subtle touch of bitterness for added interest. This is a first-class vintage and a fine second wine.


The wine has a deep, violet-tinged ruby color of great intensity. The nose is clean with an aromatic palette highlighting overripe black fruit with grilled notes. A fine expression of a vintage that is both ripe and fresh, this 2008 is at a very good stage of maturity. In the mouth it is round, with a firm texture enveloping tannins that are still tight and young but which time will certainly refine. The mid-palate has an agreeably full-bodied mouthfeel, and the finish is fresh and lively with good aromatic length. This is a very fine wine with well-executed balance and great aging potential. It’s drinking nicely now with meats like duck, beef and lamb seasoned with fine spices or pepper to bring out the aromatic complexity of this Monbousquet.


Monbousquet’s second wine has a beautiful, deep ruby color showing hints of brown as evidence of its evolution. It has a generous aromatic range of ripe, juicy black fruit laced with smoky notes giving a fine expression of maturity. This wine has just begun to develop all the subtlety of its vintage. Straightforward in the mouth, its good structure is evolving well with a silky sensation, a fine texture and mouthwatering tannins; the mid-palate envelopes and rounds out the structure. The finish is generous, flavorful and very long; it has a slight warm edge, so adjust the serving temperature accordingly.


Ruby color with a slightly-evolved orange at the rim. The nose is clean and shows very good intensity dominated by tertiary aromas of forest floor, humus and blonde tobacco indicating good aging; notes of macerated red fruit are also present. In the mouth the texture is fine and delicate, pleasant not overpowering; the mid-palate envelopes polished tannins for good balance while a satisfying acidity gives the wine a deeper profile, the freshness reflecting the vintage’s moderate maturity. Long finish. This is a food-friendly wine, ready to drink with light red meat dishes garnished with autumn mushrooms.