Monbousquet blanc

The idea for this wine was born in early 1994 during a vineyard inspection with Michel Rolland; actually, it was more of an impulse than an idea, almost a crazy bet. While deciding which grapes to plant on a freshly prepared parcel of land, Gérard Perse and Michel Rolland came up with the idea—why not white?

These two men, one a world-famous œnologist, the other a passionate newcomer to Saint-Emilion, both loved a challenge. Together they decided to rise to the task, and this parcel called “La Gravière” was planted with Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Gris, Sémillon and Muscadelle.

The varieties were unheard of in Saint-Emilion and the results were not certain. However Michel Roland’s talents and Gérard Perse’s convictions were not suited to half-measures… After three years of patient waiting and careful work the first harvest showed promise, and vintage after vintage their success became more evident. A subtle harmony of citrus, dominated by grapefruit and lemon, with waves of white peach, honey, and nectarine; a fruity, smoky palate; a magnificent length...they won their bet, proving that the terroir of Saint-Emilion is capable of producing a great dry white wine.

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